Bill Deschamps

Everett Edlund wins Altamont 100

Bill Deschamps

Nick Ringo wins at Altamont 1976

Lloyd Beard wins at Altamont Speedway

Ken Clapp

Mike Damron wins at Altamont Speedway

Wendell Chambers wins at Altamont Speedway

1974 Altamont

Rick Horton wins at Altamont Speedway

Ed Hopper wins at Altamont Speedway

Dick Rauser wins at Altamont Speedway

Bill Deschamps Ed Hopper

Bill Deschamps wins at Altamont Speedway

Bill Deschamps wins Bob Sweikert 100 at Altamont Speedway

Altamont Speedway super modifieds

Jerry Sneva wins Golden West Classic 100 at Altamont Speedway

Bill Gadda wins at Altamont Speedway July 4

BCRA Midget & Hardtop Races Altamont Speedway 1966

Altamont Speedway Grand Opening 1966

Dave Logan wins at Altamont Speedway 1966

Located off Hwy 580 between Livermore and Tracy, Altamont opened on July 22, 1966. The track was opened and closed six times from 1966-2008. It halted racing events in 2008 when the County of Alameda would not renew its permit. During the years the 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile paved oval was known as Altamont Speedway, Altamont Raceway, Altamont Motorsports Park and Bernal Memorial Raceway. Altamont became infamous when on December 6, 1969 it hosted the Altamont Free Concert that included Santana, The Jefferson Airplane, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and The Rolling Stones. In excess of 300,000 showed up for the concert, trashing the facility. The Hells Angels Motorcycle gang was hired as security and there was one fatal stabbing. The track would not reopen until 1973. Longtime fans will remember the blistering heat, gale force winds, grass fires and the rotten egg smell from the sulphur in the well water.


11/13/66 – A.J. Foyt

11/5/67 – Bobby Unser

6/22/2002 – Tony Stewart


9/11/66 – Marvin Porter

11/27/66 – Jack McCoy

6/23/68 – Jack McCoy

4/29/73 Winston 100 – Ray Elder

9/16/73 Olympia 100 – Jimmy Insolo

4/21/74 Altamont 100 – Jimmy Insolo

8/17/74 – Ray Elder

8/20/95 Straight Arrow/Fisco 200 – Doug George

3/17/96 St. Patrick’s Day 200 – Lance Hooper

3/23/97 – Butch Gilliand

8/24/97 Winston 250 – Sean Woodside

6/14/98 Spears Manufacturing 200 – Kevin Harvick

10/15/2006 Altamont 200 – Austin Cameron

4/28/2007 Altamont 200 – Mike David

9/15/2007 Gamel RV Centers 200 -Eric Holmes

9/13/2008 Golden State Steel & Stair 200 – Jason Fensler


3/23/97 – Jim Inglebright

7/20//2002 – Eric Holmes

7/2/2006 – M.K. Kanke

9/23/2006 – Eric Holmes


4 thoughts on “ALTAMONT

  1. I couldnt find any info about my dad Butch Cancilla.
    I know he won races. He also ran mostly bay area tracks.
    I also cqnt find info on My brother Ron Cancilla

    • Hi Joe,
      I have published articles and pics that I have up to around 1982 or so, there is still much more to add. If your dad and brother raced late 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, then it is likely I haven’t posted anything.



  2. Why is it whenever there is something published about Altamont, there is never mention of the men that lost their lives there? I get that’s not a positive memory, but don’t the deserve to be remembered?

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